50 Times more powerful than typical lubricants.

AXSIBC is ProOne’s Exclusive Agent./Distributor for Pakistan.

Without compromising performance, ProOne lubricants are formulated to reduce energy consumption and usage of petroleum based lubricants, and to be as safe for human contact and for the environment as possible.

REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION: ProOne industrial lubricants improve machinery efficiency to draw less power. ProOne products also help engines run more efficiently, optimizing fuel economy.

VEGETABLE BASED: Many of ProOne’s products are vegetable oil based, which means they are from renewable resources.

REDUCE USAGE OF PETROLEUM-BASED LUBRICANTS: ProOne automotive lubricants extend oil change intervals by as much as 50% while ProOne metal-working products extend the life of cutting solutions.

SAFE FOR HUMAN CONTACT: ProOne products are formulated to be as safe for human contact as possible with minimal inhalation, skin contact or ingestion problems for operators.

MINIMAL DISPOSABILITY PROBLEMS: ProOne products are formulated to be easily disposable and many meet the standards for biodegradability.

FOOD GRADE: Several products have been certified as Food Grade safe by NSF International.