STUBBLE KILL - Micro Mulching®

“Stubble-Kill MICRO-Mulching is the answer to no-till  and minimum-till environments”

Made of a unique combination of specialized, naturally occurring microbes and other ingredients, Stubble-Kill MICRO-Mulching accelerate, stabilize and deodorize the composting of rice paddies, sugar cane fields, alfalfa farms along with animal waste, wastewater sludge, coffee pulp, hops, vineyards and many more.

Stubble-Kill MICRO-Mulching can be applied at or immediately after harvest to encourage crop residue breakdown. To hasten the process or improve the performance of Stubble-Kill MICRO-Mulching – shredding, chopping, discing or other mechanical methods can be used to reduce crop residue piece size and incorporate into the soil. This will help accelerate the crop cycling process and increase degeneration significantly.

Eliminate Your Crop Residue Problems- Turn Months into Weeks
Stubble-Kill MICRO-Mulching accelerates crop residue break down and increases nutrient cycling and nutrient availability in the soil. Stubble-Kill MICRO-Mulching is specifically designed to reduce crop residue build-up on the soil surface resulting in improved planting, seed placement and germination for next crop cycle.

How Does Stubble-Kill MICRO-Mulching Work?
Stubble-Kill MICRO-Mulching is a unique blend of nutrients and enzymes designed to increase existing local populations of cellulose digesting microbes. By increasing digesting microbe populations naturally, Stubble-Kill MICRO-Mulching accelerates cellular structure break down in stubble, stalks, cobs, roots and other organic debris.
“Stubble-Kill MICRO-Mulching is the answer to no-till and minimum-till environments”

Stubble-Kill MICRO-Mulching minimizes crop residue build-up.

  • Reduced crop residue lessens the risk of nutrient tie up, which is important to the growing crop.
  • Less residue improves herbicide activity.
  • Reduced crop residue permits better seed germination leading to optimum plant population and higher yields.
  • Less crop residue allows soils to warm and dry earlier, enhancing seed-bed preparation and earlier planting.
  • Stubble-Kill MICRO-Mulching leaves just the right amount of crop residue on the soil surface for effective protection against water and wind erosion.

Stubble-Kill MICRO-MULCHING for agriculture can inexpensively:

  • Break down and reduce animal waste
  • Break down stubbles in most cases within 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Accelerate, stabilize and deodorize composting processes
  • Biodegrade water-soluble materials into more useful matter
  • Reduce odors from animal waste and composting operations
  • Enhance the composting of secondary sludge into beneficial nutrients
  • Limit exposure to environmental liability
  • Improve the fertilizer value of organic farm residues

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